Friday, September 21, 2012

Old Hollywood Glamour- Classic

Quote of the day:
For every two minutes of glamour, there are eight hours of hard work-Jessica Shavich

Tonight I attended an Alumni event, I wore a navy blue dress from Banana Republic, peep toe high heels, a  nice big tote bag, and I added circle diamond earnings for my accessories. The hairstyle look I did was inspired by old Hollywood glamour. This whole look is business, but also sexy yet classy.


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Monday, September 3, 2012

Creative Social Media: Social Link Consulting

Hello lovelies, I am really excited about today's blog post. I just launched a social media consulting company called Social Link Consulting. Social Link Consulting is a Creative social media company that helps other companies maintain their Social Media. Keeping it looking fresh and up to date. Bringing your social media to life, in a creative, eye catching way. We focus not only on making sure your company looks amazing, but we also want to interact with your customers to help drive sales. Social Link is not just a company that posts products to a page, but rather a company that wants to bring branding to the next level. Instead of creating something impersonal, Social Link wants to get involved with your clients on a personal level to maintain awareness and curiosity. By focusing and taking the time to study your target market and their needs.
Social Link just launched a temporary website check it out!

If you are a company looking for social media help after clicking the link to the website, click on contact us and email us with your company name and what you are looking for.
If you yourself are looking for someone to run your social media, or you know anyone looking, please let them know about Social Link Consulting. :)
Social Link is on all social media engines.
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