Monday, March 5, 2012


Quote of the day:
I dress sexily - but not in an obvious way. Sexy in a virginal way. -Victoria Beckham

Summer is right around the coroner, and I am sure we are all over the long pants and jackets. Looking for something NEW and FRESH?!?

Sexy yet classy, will always be a timeless look. Victoria Beckham, is one of my inspirational idols and the best example of, sexy yet classy.

Remember: Fitted dresses, those high heels, big clutches, and accessories. Get inspired!


Pictures says as followed:
"Women of the World: Put on some clothes. You want a man to give you the time of day, leave a little up to the imagination, and respect yourself, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and the beholder is anyone you want it to be!"

Victoria Beckham and inspirations of true "Sexy yet Classy..."

                                            Chinese VICTORIA BECKHAM Style / Side Buttons Decorated Three-quarters Sleeves Round Neckline Dress / Womens Dresses (FF-1802BG005-0736)


Mik said...

Love the picture with the saying! in these times we live in, those words are greatly needed


Jen and Jasmine said...

Love the pic with the sparkly alarm clock! Great blog, I'm now following :)