Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Show me Sexy yet classy!

Hello lovelys, I would LOVE to start an interaction with my followers/readers. Every Friday I want to feature one of YOU on my blog. I would love to see what YOU think is very sexy yet classy. Email me your great look and I will pick my 2 favorite looks of the week. :)

Everyone is sexy yet classy, this interaction will start April 13th. Email me your looks at Also please note that this is for men and women, everyone is welcome to participate!! :) Stay fabulous and classy!!

California sexy yet classy...

(Pants- Banana Republic,Blazer- Forever 21,Lipstick-Sephora,Top-older,shoes-Aldo)

Today I rocked the red lips (of course) and some crop navy pants. It is going to be sunny today in California so why not dress for the occasion? I added a flowy striped top, nude high heels, and a cream color blazer. Perfect for the office.

Get Inspired...


Blog 101 said...

Love the striped tee you wore wearing!!!!
Great inspirationsss!!

Mik said...

love your outfit! Thanks for the inspirations and I will look through my arhives and see if I an find something worth handing in